Car keys are amongst the most important keys you carry around today. By virtue of moving around constantly, it is highly likely that at some point you may mislay your car keys, or even lose them all together. That is why there are auto-locksmith services all over the country today. These services can help ensure that you have access to a new set of car keys as soon as you need them. Auto locksmiths also offer repair services for damaged car keys, car ignitions and car door locks.

Wondering when you would need the services of an auto locksmith? All you need to do is pay attention to what can happen to you each day. Here are some scenarios should watch out for: –

  • Replacement of car keys that have been lost, stolen or damaged
  • Replacement of the transponder chip in case the chip is broken or is missing
  • A spare set of car keys for convenience purposes in case you will lose or damage your car keys
  • Car lockout problems
  • Car keys that are stuck in the ignition
  • Keys that are stuck on the car door lock


The role of auto-locksmiths

Most of the auto locksmiths today should be able to deal with at all of the above issues. They should be able to replace your car key for the specific car model that you are driving. They deal with different types of vehicle keys for instance:

  • Transponder keys that have been programmed to a specific car
  • Remote car keys or electronic chips or key Fobs, most of which have to be programmed
  • Van keys
  • Car keys of all types
  • Bus keys
  • Standard car keys for vehicles that do not have remote central locking system
  • Motorcycle and motorbike keys
  • Caravan keys
  • Truck keys

Other than car keys, auto locksmiths also help with car accessories for different types of vehicles, for instance steering locks, roof racks among others.

Auto Locksmith

How do they make car keys?

Today, locksmiths do not require authorization in order to make a copy of car keys. They use a very easy mechanical process that is fast and reliable in getting you the right type of car key you are in need of. Auto locksmiths walk with different types of blank keys that can be used fast enough in case of an emergency.

With the blank key, a profiling machine is used to gauge the individual key profile of the original key, which is then cut onto the blank key. This key duplicate can then be used to unlock your car door or trunk, just like the original key.

If you are in need of a car key programming service, an auto locksmith today should be able to help repair any type of remote key fob in case of  a broken or damaged car key’s remote. He can also provide a replacement remote fob or a transponder key as fast as you need it.  They offer emergency service too, even by the road side in case you need your car key programed or the remote key fob repaired urgently.

Most modern cars are furnished with an ignition immobilizer, which requires a transponder chip in the key in order for it to work. What happens when you turn the key into the ignition is that its antenna sends a message and expects a response from a responder chip, which allows the door to open. Auto locksmiths do not always have these chips and car owners might have to get such chips from their car manufacturers. These chips are designed in such a manner that they fit to specific cars. Even with a newly replaced key, you might not be able to start car without the transponder chip, which is why the involvement of the car manufacturer is necessary.

There are those car keys that use a remote control to power their car locks. These types of car keys also have to fit your exact car. If you are using such a car, you will need a sender module, which has to be hard coded to your car for the replaced car key to work. This too has to involve your car manufacturer but the car key can easily be gotten from a good auto-locksmith.

Car manufacturers these day are not making copying of car keys an easy thing, mainly for security purposes. That is why it might cost you a good amount of money to get a new set of car keys. However, working with an experienced auto locksmith can help so much because he will advise you on what needs to be done for you to get a new set of car keys that can serve you just like the original.

It is always important to work with an approved auto locksmith, who as been thoroughly vetted and given the certification to show that he is reliable and trustworthy to avoid dealing with scammers.