Traditionally, a locksmith mainly worked with a hammer, a screwdriver and nails, and a wrench. In modern times, locksmiths have gone digital, and they even have access to electrical or magnetic equipment, and a range of other tools to get the job done. Creating a toolkit for a locksmith is a journey that could take several years to complete. There are some basics though that can form the outline of the eventual kit.

These starter locksmith kit tools and equipment include: –

  1. A Pair of Tweezer Grooved at the end.

These are great for picking up small items, including little nails or screws. They are also very useful for rekeying locks.


  1. A Follower

This is also a critical item that you need for rekeying purposes. It helps you pull the locks apart properly. Make sure that you keep more than one in your kit, especially as they come in different sizes.


  1. An End Cap Removal Tool

This is a useful tool when you need to take the end caps out of a range of locks, including the dead bolts. It often has two ends, with each end being used for a different type of lock.


  1. The Cylinder Removal Tool

This tool is critical for rekeying locks. It is often sold under a range of brand names.


  1. Key Gauge

This is a tool that helps you figure out the combinations for individual locks. It is referred to often when creating a new key.


  1. Shims

These little tools come in very handy. You can use them to disassemble a lock without having to break the lock.


  1. Pick Set

You need to keep a basic pick set that has a variety of picks for you to choose from. They should include a diamond pick, a rake pick, and a hook pick.  Your pick set will also include some tension wrenches. For a starter kit, there should be one flexible wrench, and one firm one.


  1. Pin Kit

These are vital for rekeying. Having one kit is enough for rekeying up to 90% of the available locks on the market.